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About | Pablo Baler

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and current resident of Los Angeles, California, Pablo Baler is a writer, art critic, and scholar. A graduate of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Stanford University and U. C. Berkeley, Baler is Full Professor of Latin-American Literature, Visual Arts, and Creative Writing at California State University, Los Angeles. Pablo Baler is the author of the award winning novel Circa (Ed. Galerna, 1999) and widely translated short stories. He is also the author of Latin American Neo Baroque: Senses of Distortion (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016, original in Spanish by Ed. Corregidor, 2009), a highly praised essay on neobaroque aesthetics. In addition, Baler is the editor of and contributor to The Next Thing: Art in the Twenty-First Century (2013, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press), a collection of essays written by a broad range of authors about the aesthetic sensibility that will define our times. Baler’s latest collection of short stories, La burocracia mandarina, was recently published by Lumme Editor in San Paulo, Brazil (2013). Baler is currently working on an essay on the general interdisciplinary field of ethics and aesthetics titled By Any Stretch of the Imagination.  His latest novel, Chabrancán, came out in 2020 by Ediciones del Camino in Argentina. Baler is also an international research fellow at The Center for Fine Art Research at Birmingham City, University, U.K.



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